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Who We Are

Mr. Patrick Bois is the Chairman and President of Northern Wind Energy Finance Inc.  Mr. Bois works with high volume end-users of traditional petroleum energy and assists them in finding solutions to secure cost effective clean energy.  Conscious of diesel and other traditional petroleum-based energy generation costs and emissions, companies continue to turn to cleaner and more cost effective alternatives.  Most of these end-users are located in remote locations and not near infrastructure to access hydroelectric or other sources of electricity and must rely on generators.  An alternative growing in popularity is wind energy.  However, end-users’ core business does not typically involve the construction, ownership and maintenance of clean energy generation assets.  Mr. Bois saw this as an opportunity to put his background in finance and accounting to work to find solutions to assist clients with the efficient transition to a cleaner and more efficient energy source.


Prior to founding the Company, Mr. Bois worked at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions managing a portfolio of just under a billion dollars.  He went on to joining an accounting firm that later merged with Deloitte.  In this role, Mr. Bois gained extensive experience dealing with government credits and incentives.  He now puts these prior experiences to work for the benefit of Northern Wind Energy Finance clients.

Patrick Bois

Chairman & President

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